Friday, August 7, 2009


For the time being, I'm back working in Explorer, which feels clunky and slow compared to Chrome. But for whatever reason(s), Chrome can't/won't open many pages, the composer is completely messed up, and basically has become useless for many of the purposes I use it for.

So here I am back in Explorer, home of the thrice-daily crashes.

Below is a post I had up earlier this morning... all of my problems started soon after I posted it, and I copied the HTML over to a WordPad file, then deleted it, thinking perhaps there was someting in the piece that caused problems. Now I think that's unlikely.

Houston, Ve Haff Livtov!
Berlin's TV Tower heads into the wild black yonder.

From Der Spiegel; fun story. Also in Spiegel this morning, a European perspective on the US CO2 cap and trade efforts, and lessons learned from the European efforts toward that end.

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