Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Frosty in the Greenhouse

See, if we just put that top hat back on the pole, everything will be fine. The NSIDC report for July is up, and it's very reassuring. The "God wouldn't let mankind destroy the planet" people are right! It's only the third worst July meltback on record, after '07 and '06. So it looks like this whack job (PhD in physics or no) has been vindicated: "...the best satellite data show that the Earth as a whole has been gradually cooling for a decade." (/snarky rant)So any line falling outside the blue tinted area are two standard deviations outside of the reference set, and would typically be described as "unlikely to occur by chance." I'm not going to say how unlikely, for a number of reasons. But the 2006 values for July would have fallen between the '07 and '09 values, and the July '08 plot (below) was almost as low as this year's.
But I can still draw a line from July 2007 to July 2009 and predict an imminent ice age.I think we should drill the Arctic for whatever oil we can get at while the getting's good. Then we can put on the top hat.

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