Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lingering Problems

Chrome is still not working right for me, and I'm still doing a lot of my browsing in Explorer, and all of my blogging. On the plus side, I've learned a lot about the structure of the internet and how these attacks work... I certainly take bots a lot more seriously. I ran Spybot Search and Destroy twice yesterday. The first time, it had been several weeks since I last ran it, and it turned up about 50 malware pieces. The second time it had only been 3 or 4 hours, and it turned up 17, despite the fact that I had "immunized" on the first run.

Perhaps this computer was involved, perhaps it wasn't; I don't know how to be certain. However, the alert I was getting from google wasn't accusing this computer, it was accusing the server. When I asked someone else on a different computer to check my blog, he got the same alert and denial. So maybe someone else using the wi-fi in my favorite coffee shop was involved. I think, in the end, it doesn't matter, but I'm still irritable about not being able to use my preferred browser, and being forced to use one I seriously dislike. I may download Firefox today, which seems to be a pretty polarizing browser... people seem to either love it or hate it.

At any rate, I'm continuing to follow the story, not so much because I care about its effects and the personal nuisance it appears to have caused me, but because I find my dependence on the internet's software and hardware infrastructure fascinating, and because I want to understand it better.

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