Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some Say

I don't care who uses that phrase, it's wrong. Bush and his administration knew how to use it to convey lies and misinformation. Obama is using it to avoid offending those, like Palin, who deserve to be offended.
"As we draw close to finalizing -- and passing -- real health insurance reform,
the defenders of the status quo and political point-scorers in Washington are
growing fiercer in their opposition," Obama said, without naming names, in his
weekly radio and Internet address.

"Some have been using misleading information to defeat what they know is the best chance of reform we have ever had," Obama said, adding it was critical for Americans to have all the facts as they meet their lawmakers in home districts.
If "some have been using misleading information," like "death panels," identify them. Call them out. Call them the liars that they are. Dammit, fight for the truth rather than tip-toeing around trying to keep everyone content. No matter what you do, even if you miraculously cured every illness and injury in the country, obviating the need for health reform, there are 20 to 25% of the people in this country who are still going to hate you and oppose every single thing you try to do. Quit trying to appease them.

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