Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two Canteens

On July 29 of 2008, Vanity Fair posted the following caricature of shrub:
Over the last 24 hours, this similar take on Obama has gone viral... though actually, tracking it down, it turns out it's actually been around at least since late April. But memes go viral on their own schedule; the fact the picture has been around for months is not really a surprise to me.
Haw Haw! Those nutters are so funny! I just wish they'd bother to look up the definition of "socialism."

As an aside, I don't see the reaction to this as "racist" as being terribly valid; it's just stupid. As another article pointed out, The Joker was an anarchist reacting to an overly strong (socialist?) government. In fairness, most of the wingnutty metaphors and images attempt to get racist symbolism involved. I just feel in this case, it's not an issue that jumps out at me any more than it does in the first Joker picture above.

All this reminds me of an article ten years ago, I believe in George Magazine, that had a profile of then-candidate W. It was that article that convinced me he was a very dangerous person. I don't remember much in the way of detail, but the quote that has always stuck in my head was this one: "If a fresh idea wanted to cross George W. Bush's mind, it would have to carry two canteens."

Guess that's true for fresh, original ideas and the whole right wing's minds as well.

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