Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Barack!

48 years ago today, a baby was born of a white lady and an African man, deep in the heart of Kenya or Nigeria, or the Congo or something. Now that baby, grown into an inspirational leader of the enslaved world, is making us all have socialist gay marriages and participate in recreational abortions. As a straight, celibate, middle-aged white man, I couldn't be happier! I have an abortion on demand at least once a week!

Happy Birthday. Barack!

Followup: Awww! They both look so happy! He to have cupcakes, she to have a President that will (at least try to) answer her questions.


Rawley said...

48 years ago.

Lockwood said...

Goldurn birth certificate... and messed up keyboard with the 3 and 4 reversed!

(Fixed it)