Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Few More Funnies From Facebook

If funnies are someplace other than than RSS when I start compiling them, I almost always forget them. Here are a few that I and others have shared in FaceBook recently.I was browsing through Theresa's photos yesterday and found this picture of her cat... at least I presume it's her cat. The caption came to mind immediately, and Theresa later commented, "I don't even remember who took this, but somehow it totally fits, cause monster really likes beer."

Conner sent this to me two weeks ago; I meant to post it in today's Funnies and forgot. So it's really the reason for this appendix... absurdist surrealism. Everyone knows Panda Bear pugilists fight their fisticuffs bear-handed (sic, he said).
And below is the pop-up, picture-crashing squirrel that I posted in last Sunday's Funnies (explanation there). It has gone viral over the past week, and there are now thousands of photos that have had this little guy shopped into them. This one was my contribution to the progress of the meme. It's sad that the rodent will never know of his global fame, but is living hand-to-mouth in a mountain wilderness.

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Micgar said...

Ha ha those were great funnies! What did the Protest Squirrel say-"Don't Eat My Nuts!"?