Tuesday, August 18, 2009

They Can Always Watch Lou Dobbs and Fox

I don't really think this is funny... there's too much truth to it. There was an old Shel Silverstein comic with the same theme... a Dad stuffing a toddler's head with racial slurs and hatred. As the panels progressed, the kid's head got bigger and more misshapen, and his expression got meaner and angrier. Meanwhile, the father's face was happier and happier. Too true.
There comes a time in every father's life when he has to step back and let his children start thinking for themselves. You boys are getting older now, and your mother and I won't always be there to remind you about us and them. Before long, you'll both be off at college, so I hope you've been paying attention to all the things I've told you kids about Mexicans, Arabs, and the blacks.
Now, college is going to introduce you to a lot of new people. Some of them you'll like, and some of them will have a different skin color than you. These biologically inferior folks might try to convince you that your hatred is misguided, that the throbbing, vicious anger boiling in your veins whenever you see anyone not exactly like yourself is the result of your limited exposure to the world and not your God-given right as a member of the master race. But you must have the courage to stick with your baseless, narrow-minded convictions. That's called being a man.
From The Onion.

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