Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Have Squirrelly Friends

Crasher squirrel has been making the rounds, and has become a powerful meme... I've been visiting various people's facebook albums, swiping photos and squirrelizing them. Following are some of my squirrelly friends and acquaintances.Theresa, a regular here at the coffee shop.
Robin (left), another IZ person, out and about in the western Cascades.
Sam, a barrista here, up on Marys Peak on July 4, with my little burg nearly invisible in the background.
JD (lower right), who now works in tech support near Salem, so I don't see him too often anymore.
Callan Bently, Assistant Professor of geology at Northern Virginia Community College; his blog is here.
Katie, another IZP, shortly after her recent bike crash, is startled by squirrel.
And Ben, who finished an MS in math at the end of spring term, and is now residing in sunny Arizona. Expect some more squirrel appearances.


Kim said...

I have this urge to add the squirrel to images for my first lecture. I wonder how many students would recognize the reference?

Lockwood said...

Probably a fair number, if not a majority. This meme shows no sign of dying out.