Friday, August 21, 2009

Circle Jerks

I've really been too angry with the political nonsense going on to pay attention over the last few days. The republicans want to stop anything from happening, and they're succeeding. The dems want to make up with and placate the republicans. Since the republicans are succeeding at their goal, I guess they're placated, which means the dems are succeeding too. Circular reasoning prevails all round.

Meanwhile, people are dying. The planet is overheating. The country is woefully at the mercy of oil-rich nations. And on, and on.

Thus, squirrels. Squirrel is getting old. I need a new distraction. I also need more politicians like Barney Frank. If you haven't watched it (it's been all over the place), here's your chance. If you have watched it, but haven't watched Stewart's discussion, the second vid clip is worth the three and a half minutes.

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Later. I'm off to search out the next meme.

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