Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fallen Soldier

Another in the "Iconic Photos" series, this was supposedly shot during the Spanish Civil war. A soldier coming across a hilltop was captured at the moment of his death. This was one I was planning on posting eventually, but it is particularly timely today: an article in the NYT claims that recent research suggests the photograph was staged.

Staged or not, it still presents a riveting image of humanity and its strange predispositions.

Followup: Comment on the importance of this photo, photojournalism generally, and hopes that the photo is authentic, NYT, Thurs. August 20.


Dean Wormer said...

Don't think it was staged. He really looks like he's being forced backwards by the impact.

Lockwood said...

The article's an interesting read... there are a number of things about this photo that jump out and yell "real" at me, but they could have been faked by a professional photographer.