Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Full of Stars!

I tend to assume that many of the silly things that fly at me out of the innertubz are faked or photoshopped. Yesterday I posted an image of a "monolith action figure" about which I made that assumption... mistakenly. It's a real thing that's really for sale at ThinkGeek and Amazon.
  • Properly proportioned to those in the movies 2001 and 2010 (1:4:9 - the squares of the first 3 integers)
  • Made of semisynthetic, organic, amorphous, solid materials (AKA plastic)
  • Zero (0) points of articulation
  • May cause strange magnetic fields, action figure evolution, seeing things filled with stars, and/or more (or it might just sit on your desk doing nothing)
It's going for $12.99, which seems kind of spendy for what it is, but face it: it comes with that packaging, which is sort of priceless. (Hat tip to Rawley for letting me know this is an actual thing and where to find it.)

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