Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Sober in a Nightclub
God Hates Protesters
PhD Comics, via Bits and Pieces
Darius Whiteplume's Tumblr
Fake Science
epic fail photos - Spelling Bee Trophy FAIL
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Married to the Sea
Saturday Morn ing Breakfast Cereal
Cyanide and Happiness
Via Propagating Waves
Skull Swap
Skull Swap
The High Definite
Funny Pictures - Fox Jump Gif
Digging a foxhole. See more Lolcats and funny pictures
This is an older one I posted two or three years ago, but it's still funny. BizarroBlog
funny pictures - They had never met a seal that knew kung-fu, and hoped this would be the last time they did.
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funny pictures history - Little did baby Duffel know he would one day be a household word.
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epic win photos - Write in Answer WIN
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My First Dictionary... the real punchline to this one is that the above are the actual illustration and definitions given in the original 10940's children's dictionary that Ross Horsely uses as his source.
The Daily Irritant
Joy of Tech
The Far Left Side
Slowpoke... speaking of bankers, here's a piece from The Guardian that just showed up: banker jokes! Just one to whet your appetite, but there are quite a few at the link.
A man is stuck in traffic. He asks a police officer about the hold-up and he replies: "The head of the Bank Of England is so depressed about the economy he's stopped his car and is threatening to douse himself with petrol and set himself on fire. So we're taking up a collection for him." The man asks: "How much have you got so far?" The policeman replies: "About 40 gallons, but a lot of people are still siphoning."
demotivational posters - THE AMERICAN DREAM
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political pictures - The Running of the Bulls
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4 koma comic strip - It All Makes Sense
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Sober in a Nightclub
Sober in a Nightclub
epic win photos - Buy Happiness WIN
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Abstruse Goose
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Calamities of Nature
Brodo Baggins
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Ah red panda, so cute. Hyper, but cute. Skull Swap
demotivational posters - 404
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funny celebrity pictures - I'm Butch
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Bits and Pieces
white trash repairs - Because Thieves Never Carry Knives
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demotivational posters - Matrix
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4 koma comic strip - Raining Down
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"Nitrogen, oxygen, Carbon dioxide, dreams." Sober in a Nightclub
political pictures - Soldiers, DADT
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The Daily What
My neighbor doesn't have bagpipes or a chainsaw. But she does have a karaoke machine. God help me. Savage Chickens

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Dana Hunter said...

Regarding your neighbor, I can mail you earplugs. It's going to take time to befriend her to the point where you can engineer a fatal accident for the machine, after all...