Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today in Stupid

Which does Faux News not get: plate tectonics or geography? (Hint: I'm betting on both.) Hullabaloo
This Bunsen Boehner looks suspiciously like that other guy: (image above and awful pun mine)SwansonTea: F*@&ing Bill O’Reilly — How Does He Work?
As long as there is one thing that science can’t explain (or he doesn’t understand), all is well with his world. It’s amazing to me that this argument makes sense to him.
EB Misfit points out that the designers of this logo have the Wright brothers the first to fly a heavier-than-air craft... backwards. Whether this bodes poorly for the competition remains to be seen.

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intelliwench said...

The last bit reminds me of the firm that designed tourism brochures for Birmingham, U.K., and printed thousands of pieces with pictures of Birmingham, AL on them!

Clipart can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.