Sunday, June 6, 2010


So Google now has the option to customize your own Google homepage with a wallpaper of your choice. I almost never actually visit the actual Google page, unless a cool doodle comes to my attention; I use the search bar embedded in Firefox. It's still Google, but I don't see the page. Further, I have tried various background pictures, and I find them distracting in both Windows and Mac operating systems. I honestly prefer a dull monotone background. It makes things much easier for me to read, recognize and find.

Still, I know many people do like wallpapers, and I thought the above was pretty kewl. This is from The Frogman, and captioned "My google background is cooler than yours." A couple of formats can be found here, as well as a different Eyjafjallajokull kitteh with red lightning. You know, if you like to wallpaper your computer.

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