Sunday, June 6, 2010

All The President's Emails

Every Sunday afternoon, I find myself delightfully surprised when this series shows up in my International News folder. I know it shows up Sunday afternoon, it's just that I haven't learned to anticipate it yet, as I do with Krugman's columns on Friday and Monday, or Rich's columns on Sunday mornings (today's is a real doozy, BTW). Further, this is primarily intended as humor and snark, not serious analysis with a little snark added for seasoning. The archive is here.

To: BP Group CEO Tony Hayward Subject: My boot, your neck

Don't get me wrong, Tony – I like it that this is your fault. Of course I would love to see the oil leak contained, but it's vital that each new failure to contain it is your failure, and yours alone. In fact I'm cancelling my trip to Asia in order to be on hand to take full responsibility for blaming you. I'm gonna be scrubbing pelicans all week, and shaking my head ruefully. I've attached the next invoice as a pdf, by the way. Barack

To: Michelle Obama Subject: Re: Fw: George W Bush wants to be friends on Facebook

I know, I got one too. Just ignore it. Don't even click Ignore – do nothing. I know it seems rude, but if you friend him back everyone will know. You might as well join the "I'm Glad We Waterboarded Khalid Sheik Mohammed" fan page. B

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