Saturday, December 12, 2009

Warm and Wonderful Zappadan: December 12

Zoot Allures & Trouble Every Day:

I generally don't care for— or more accurately, "get"— jazz. But Frank makes it work for me. And like much of his social commentary, "Trouble Every Day" is just as timely as it was 25 years ago. As always, if you want some more-a, right there on the floor-a, head over to Fried Green Al Quaidas, where Mark Hoback has been doing a daily roundup of the blogosphere's observations of this magical time of year (here's today's), as well as his own contribtions, such as today's Sleeping in a Jar. I had never heard this one before; experimental, but kind of fascinating, and in the end, engaging. Also, in black and white, the footage is sharper than much of Utoob's stuff, and kind of cool to watch.

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