Saturday, December 12, 2009

Icicles Outside the Interzone

Cute li'l things, no?
Didn't mean for the flash to go off, but I like the effect.This one is taken from inside. Now these are not your standard icicles; these ones coat every single surface exposed to the sky. The fence:The sidewalk around the fence.
The street:And the ground under the feet of an anonymous grad student. In case you didn't know, grad students don't get breaks. He had just come out of the building to the left, where he had likely spent the night working. Note the very short pace length and outspread hands for balance.
I got a comment on my closing post last night from my ducky Oregon blogger pal Fran saying,
It took me 1.5 hours to get home on a normal 20 minute commute.

I took the back roads, trying to avoid the Beltline freeway.... but so did hundreds of other people. Ugh!

It's 31 degrees now & looking shiny outside....

Shiny & sparkly= slick ice.

For all you crazy drivers out there.....

Ice is Ice. Slow down!
It's a freaking mess out there. I'm estimating about a millimeter of ice... not enough to be pretty, but more than enough to be treacherous. This morning's trek was probably the longest it's taken me to walk into the Interzone, and the most strategically planned as well: "there's a strip of lawn... there's some gravel, there's where a tree has caught the rain and left the sidewalk and pavement dry." Getting here felt like a major victory.

However, the temperature is now 32 and climbing slowly; it'll be gone soon.

Followup: Overheard at the Interzone: "I risked my life for a super burrito." Yeah, me too. This is an archival shot; I'm working on coffee right now, and won't order breakfast for a while. But this is a burrito worth risking one's life for.


pygalgia said...

You call those icicles? Here we have icicles which, if they fell, would cause fatal impalement. I'll post a pic for you.

Lockwood said...

Pygalgia- no, I don't... not really. They're tiny and cute; the problem is there was ice on everything. I truly would rather have your 30 inches of snow than our 1/25 inch of ice. The difference is that our ice is now gone (though we may get more tonight, the forecast keeps changing), but it sounds like you still have 30 inches of snow.

pygalgia said...

And ice. We have plenty of ice.