Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Inside The Winterzone

When I came in this morning, the air temperature was 9 Fahrenheit. It was warmer inside the Interzone, but the furnace is having a difficult time keeping up.Alicia
Mike, Caitlin and Justin
Caitlin, Justin, Lydia and Celina
Bill and Iris (below)
...and me.
Frozen buttocks from inside the Winterzone.


Silver Fox said...

Good photos of the inside, and of the people. It was warmer when I was there...

Lockwood said...

Thanks, Silver! It's warmer here, now: about 55 and rainy. I for one much prefer our current weather.

a said...

Season's greetings Lockwood and to all your friends at your favorite coffee shop. I hope in the coming days all of you have an everlasting peace, LOL, and abundant joy.