Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Words

I got some terrific responses to last week's Wednesday Words; my thanks go out to Callan, Wee Mousie and Dean Wormer for some good laughs! Here's this week's installment. If this is new to you, these are word verification tests, meant to keep automated crawlers from filling comments with spam. But they look like they might be real words. If they are real words, what do they mean? Click back on the first link for some excellent examples of how to play in the comments. By the way, last week's word, "vater," I thought (truly) for quite some time was Darth's last name.


The Young Swell said...

Frishing is going out for a day on the lake with rod and reel when you know perfectly well that the lake has been fished out since 1978.

To Layareat is a method of eating where one finishes all of one dish before starting the next -- salad, then mashed potatoes, then peas, then steak, then apple pie, then ice cream.

Tardradr is a form of extra sensory perception that tell you when you are dealing with a retard.

Pance are high fashion trousers that create a false impression of culture.

A reado is the correction that an author makes to a sentence only after he has paused to read what he has written.

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone knew that:

1) Frishing is the combination of "frisk" and "whishing," something the Police do when they raid a sorority house, for instance.

2) At the best organized orgies, layareat is where all the people whose name begins with T go. Sometimes they spill over to the U area.

3) Wee Mousie, of course, has this right, but there is a slight typo: 'tardradr is what is in the OED.

4) When you are playing pocket pool, it is a game of Pance.

5) The first draft of one of the Bard's plays was known in the trade as Much-o Re-ado About-o Nothing-o. Set in Italy, It featured Maria the talking mule and closed after three out of town performances. From all accounts, the dance sequence that opened the second act was the highlight.



Darius Whiteplume said...

I used to have a 'tard radar set, but the Wasila hill-billy burned out the circuits :-)

MathEpiNet said...

I honestly though pance was when you put on a dance for your significant other just before bed without any pants on.

Dean Wormer said...

4) When you are playing pocket pool, it is a game of Pance.

I vote for this one.

"Reado" was the quite boring and virtually unknown Marx brother.

Silver Fox said...

Reado is when you have to read something over because you didn't read it right the first time.

Pance are pants you wear when pouncing (on what, I won't speculate in this crowd).

Silver Fox said...

And frishing obviously has something to do with fishing: it's when you fish on friday.

Lockwood said...

Silver- So frishing is how devout Catholics get their Friday dinners? Good to see you back!

Micgar said...

Ha ha I love this stuff! I will definitely get in on this next time-I'm a little late for this one, as the comments are brilliant!