Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Funnies

A weekly roundup of stuff that gave me a giggle. We'll start with a webcomic that's new to me this week; please give a warm welcome to Savage Chickens. Knockwurst Palin's interview was notable for its clarity, honesty, and down-to-earth reality... then her mother came on. And honestly, I don't think her name is Knockwurst, but I don't remember her actual name.
Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin
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Then we've got Joe Biden, who most of us here at my favorite coffee shop are convinced was added to the ticket as a diversionary tactic. I have to admit I was pretty impressed with Biden when in one of the "debates" last winter, he was asked a simple, straight-forward yes-no question (I don't remember the question). "Yes," he responded, then stopped. After a moment the moderator said, "Sir, you have 90 seconds to answer. Would you like to expand on that?" Biden won my undying respect by saying, "No." Then shutting up.
joe biden
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So the question of the moment is, "Is TARP a trap?" Back to Ackbar...Apparently, yes.

I think that if the "Pirates of the Carribean" franchise had been made 25 or 30 years ago, John Travolta would have made a good pirate. Instead he got stuck with "Grease." And Olivia Newton John, so it wasn't a complete loss.
orlando bloom and johnny depp
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Old joke: Michael Jackson and Elton John are covering E.J.'s old song, "Don't Let Your Son Go Down on Me." It's interesting to consider... if MJ had died tragically in the the late 80's, he would forever be considered a hero, a great loss to humanity, and a visionary pioneer of popular music. Instead, his legacy will be as a punchline to raunchy jokes, and as a baseline of physical repulsiveness. If he had been given a choice in, say, 1989, which path do you think he would have chosen? Achilles was given a similar choice; he's remembered, what, 2500, 3000 years later?
jeremy sumpter
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And because I didn't get up a picture of Ozma for Caturday, here's some LolCats and a video.
funny pictures of cats with captions
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Algebra came pretty easy to me, but by the time I got to vector calculus... yeah, that was me.

This next looks like a rat dressed up for Halloween.
funny pictures of cats with captions
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And as a person with a BS in geology and a Masters in Science Education, I think these guys' approach to being owned by cats is very insightful. (Hat Tip to John Cole at Balloon Juice)


Dean Wormer said...

Admiral Ackbar is going to be the fish man that cried wolf.

Funny stuff. Especially the Peter Pan one.

Micgar said...

Ha ha all of those were great "Knockwurst"!? ha that was excellent!