Sunday, March 8, 2009

Interzone People: Rawley

As I was coming into my favorite coffee shop Friday, I ran into this dangerous looking crew. That's Josh with his coffee, Rawley leaning against the window, and Pilgrim (or "Piggy") playing the role of Josh's alert dog. (And an unknown pedestrian in the background.)
I think Josh was just waking up; he didn't really want to play "pose for a picture," but he did agree to let me use this one. Pilgrim was watching Ayla, another neighborhood goggie- as you can probably see in the photo, he's looking to my right and behind me, not AT me. But Rawley is a frequent commenter and a fun person to chat with, and he was really my target for this edition of IZ people.
An unscripted photo. Rawley is a grad student in material science. I think his research involves testing lab equipment to failure, then repairing it. He also plays in a local band, Lost Tortoise. I've only watched them once; as I've mentioned before, loud music is kind of painful for me, and crowds make me uneasy. As a result I've never really enjoyed live music. But they have some clips and some YouTube videos at the preceeding link.
I didn't notice this when I took the photo- you really can't see anything until you download the image from the camera to the computer- but in a crop from the above picture, your faithful blogger is reflected in the window. Rawley wanted to strike a "pensive" pose. I'm just happy to have an excuse to take photos of my friends, so who am I to say "no?"

I told him he did indeed look awfully pent in this one. I should mention... if anyone whose picture I've posted here wants copies, I'd be happy to e-mail them to you. The standard reduction I use is 15% of vertical and horizontal. Which means the full size versions are about 45 times larger. I personally don't like looking at myself with that kind of resolution. But if you want to see youself 45 times less small, feel free to let me know.

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