Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the... Uh... Um...

I've been meaning to mention Medium Large (Front page, above comic) for a while now. Apparently this web comic was on hiatus for some time, but recently was revivified. It came to my attention when the artist, Francesco Marciuliano, did a guest spot on Bizarro, so Dan Piraro could take a well-deserved break. (One example below, from here; other posts I've done on Bizarro and Piraro here and here. Also see Bizarro stuff here) 'Cesco's warped humor has been growing on me rapidly, and today's comic was all it took to motivate me. In the RSS reader, there is a note that "Joe" is not actually registered, though a comment following the above cartoon says he is registered as a Republican. And at the blurb linked above is a further link to an article saying he's not even a registered plumber. I actually kind of feel bad for Joe- it would really stink to meet a candidate, and have a simple question blown up into a media frenzy, suddenly finding yourself under interrogation lights and a microscope. But I think the question on everybody's mind today, is "Exactly who is this Joe guy, really, and is he actually qualified to become president?" Enquiring minds want to know.

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