Thursday, October 16, 2008

OMG! Good Call Natalie and Justin!

So I'm up earlier than usual, and I've been sitting here at my favorite coffee shop reading the intertubes and all. Got up for my second cuppa, and decided I was hungry. Not just "Once in a Lifetime" Muffin hungry, but for something approaching a real meal. Natalie said "The pesto is really good."

"The Pesto muffin?" I asked.

"Smartass," Justin helpfully commented.

So I got the Pesto Breakfast Bagel Sandwich.

"Would you like a soysage patty with that?" Justin helpfully asked.

Yes. And here's what I got: a mouthwatering meal. Everything bagel with a fried egg, pesto cream cheese, portobello mushrooms, tomato, spinach and black olives. And of course, the soysage patty. (Soysage, for those who don't know, is vegetarian sausage. I like sausage, but soysage is pretty good)

OMG! Good Call Natalie and Justin!

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