Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More from Pirraro

I visit Dan Pirraro's Bizarroblog from time to time- I love his comics, and he often links some very entertaining stuff. This is a comic I saved (I think) sometime in May. It was never published be cause he felt it might be too controversial. Well, ummm, yeah.

There was a similarly heretical funny I came across a while back, "The Passion of Gummi Jesus."

I hadn't caught up with his posts since near the beginning of June, so I went through and did so last night. He had a couple of videos that I liked; one a politically funny comment:
And another that was gut-churning to me. I have had a couple of unpleasant experiences with heights; I wasn't afraid of heights when I was young, and I wouldn't describe it as a phobia now, but I do find this video very unnerving. Pirraro suggests watching this full screen; depends on what your attitude toward heights is. To watch full, click on the little rectangle in the brackets in the lower right. (Follow-up: I just went back and watched it again. I remembered it as 10-15 minutes long; it's about 6 1/2. That's suspense. And just word of reassurance: the clip does not end with the camera plummeting toward the rocks below. I'm going to try to find out more about this place, but I will never visit it.)
And finally, another political comic of his that seems just too obvious. A common defintion of genius is the ability to see obvious things that no one else has noticed. I don't want to post too much of his stuff here- it seems like plagiarism. So you should visit his blog regularly, and encourage your local rag to pick up his syndication. Our local barely has the courage to run "Family Circus;" "Bizarro" would be way too much for them. Thankfully, the Oregonian does carry it, so some of my money eventually does wend its way to his pocket. Now that I've plugged him and his work, I feel a little less guilty about swiping his posts and links, and I can point you at a great comic.

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