Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bush to Survey Disaster Area

This kind of falls into the "what more needs to be said" category, but... I came across this yesterday and meant to post it, but my favorite coffee shop closed early and I didn't get to it. It's shown up in several other blogs today, but WTF, if you ended up Outside the Interzone and haven't seen it, take a few minutes. Another couple of notes: I tend to zone with TV news. I just watched it again and there's some fine comments I missed the first time through. Also, two of the people I showed this to yesterday were initially confused, thinking this is real. No, it's from the Onion. Our faithful news puppies would never, ever imagine saying that the last seven and a half years have been an unmitigated freakin' disaster.

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Distributorcap said...


too bad the bush disaster is really not funny

but thanks SO much for the laugh