Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Plasmatics: Butcher Baby

Kinda sorta NSFWish; W. O. W. appears to be wearing a whipped cream and rubber dart "top." Speaking of which, this video is completely over it. The top, that is.

The Plasmatics were a group I never really got into all that much... I like punk in small doses, but not too much at a time. Mixed into a good radio show with other styles, I quite like it, but I'm not going to buy (or listen to) a whole album like this. So I certainly don't dislike The Plasmatics, I'm just not all that familiar with their work. I don't think I've ever seen one of their videos, but Williams certainly lives up to her reputation.

This one goes out to Caitlin and Justin, two very sweet people who make a very sweet couple, but who totally punk out in their band The Angries. The schedule of upcoming shows and a clip of The Angries performing is at the link. Also, hat tip to Jen Sorensen, the comic artist at Slowpoke blog, who posted the clip above.

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