Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Costa Rushbo

I had seen this bit at EB Misfit's place, where her attitude was "call Fatso's bluff on this one." She didn't point out, until responding to a commenter, that Costa Rica, where dimbulb is threatening to relocate if the health bill is passed, also has universal health care. I wasn't planning on saying anything about it (another day, another rush bloviation, yawn), but I loved this poll at the Guardian:
You can see my vote in the screen capture above; currently, I'm in a 9:1 minority. My reasons for the vote are as follows: 1) I don't believe for a second that Rush will leave the country. 2) If he does, he should go to a country that actually represents his political beliefs... I'm thinking Somalia, though that seems a cruel thing to wish on a people who are already suffering. 3) I think the mere threat of Rush's presence in Costa Rica is disconcerting and demoralizing enough to the country and the region to constitute a serious threat to the stability of governments.

In short, I think the State Department should be involved with Rush's departure.


splord said...


We will not allow him to come here.

Also, it appears ;) that the Costa Rican legislature is already on it.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I actually know Rush more by reputation than by any direct contact with what he says or does, but seriously. Has the man no concept of Costa Rica but at all? I mean, a quick trip to the Wiki could have shown it's not the place for him.

Just to hit a couple of highlights:

- No military, with former military funding diverted to education since the '40s

- Socialized medicine, YES EVEN FOR THE POOR

- Big emphasis on the environment with the goal of carbon neutrality in the near future

9.9 <-- Eyeroll. He probably thinks it's an island too.