Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Gotcher Jetpack Right Here

Where's your jetpack? News Item: The Martin Aircraft Company plans to sell its first Jetpacks soon.

From PhysOrg,
As Martin jetpack inventor Glenn Martin demonstrates in the video below, the 200-horsepower, dual-propeller jetpacks seem to offer all that one could hope for in a personal flying machine. The jetpack can travel for about 30 minutes on a five-gallon tank of premium gasoline (the same used by cars). Tests have shown that the jetpack can reach top speeds of 60 mph, giving it a range of 30 miles per tank. The newest model can also reach heights of 2,400 meters (about 1.5 miles)
You can see the video described at the article, but it wasn't embeddable, and I thought the ratio of talking head to jetpack flying was too high, so I went and found another clip.

So if you have a spare $75K laying around, and 6 miles per gallon sounds OK, here's the company's website. Because it's the future, and you're worth it.

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Jennifer said...

Nope, not me. I'm holding out for teleportation.