Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reaping What You Sow

Sarah doesn't seem to get it. She's now whining about the fact that Newsweek is using a photo she posed for, in a series in Runner's World that I have linked to a couple of times, on its cover. The link is to the photo below, the last in a series of seven. Not one of the photos actually shows her running; every one is a cheesecake, pageant, or model-like pose, with the exception, perhaps, of her pose with li'l Tater Palin, and his magical mystery stroller.Sexist? I voted "no" on the Huffpo poll, but I don't think it's really a yes-no situation; it's more of a continuum that we'd like to have a stark yes-no answer. In this case, Palin has clearly been promoting this MILF image. I have no sympathy that it's come back to bite her.

There are other issues with this cover that are more pressing. How does Palin explain the careless manner with which she uses the US Flag- a symbol that she and many who admire her view as no less sacred than the cross is to Christianity- as an arm rest, carelessly draped over the back of a chair? What is that device in her left hand, and why is she holding it so awkwardly? Does she ever actually run, or does she just pose?

And finally, if she wanted to complain about this cover, the substance, it seems to me, would be much more offensive than the imagery. "She's bad news for the GOP-- and everyone else, too." My guess on that is, first, it was too much for her to read in one sitting, and second, in the end she's all about image, and couldn't care less about substance. Just like dubya.

Followup: This is today's editorial comic from McClatchy.

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