Thursday, November 19, 2009

How To...

I was using Google to find out how to do something in Gmail. As I finished "to," this was the list of top choices beginning with that phrase:Now I'm sure some of those queries are from couples that are having a difficult time conceiving, and some are just looking for lasciviousness. And I didn't click through to see what the results would be. I'd bet, though, that many of those clicking on that search honestly didn't know the answer.

My initial reaction was that that ranking was kind of funny. But if they don't know the answer, than they most certainly don't know how to avoid pregnancy. Or STD's.

And that's not the least bit funny.


BadTux said...

That query probably comes up in the same group of queries as "infertility" though. So it makes sense if you think about it that way. If the ole' put the rod in the hole bit ain't workin', you can see where folks would decide they need some Googly help.

- Badtux the Helpful Medical Penguin

BadTux said...
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