Saturday, October 24, 2009


B-52's: Mesopotamia. "Before I talk, I should read a book!" What a refreshing sentiment, and not one you hear much these days.

Devo: Secret Agent Man; the original being parodied here was by Johnny Rivers.

Blondie: The Tide is High. When Blondie first started getting popular in the late 70's, I didn't care much for their music. First, Rapture (their early song that got played to death) is just a song and a style I don't like; it was important and influential, but just not my cup of tea. Second, the marketing I saw at the time was all about Deborah Harry is a hottie. Fine, I agree, but I'm not going to buy or listen to music because an artist is fun to look at- even then I was very suspicious of advertising sex. As I listened to more of their later music though, I came to realize that Harry had (and still has) an amazing voice, and that as a group, they were very happy to play around with differing styles and moods. Not my favorite group ever, but right up there.

Compare the above to "Angels on The Balcony," from the same album, 1980's "Autoamerican."


Charlie said...

Haven't had time to watch the clips, but she reminds me of the movie American Gigolo, something I watched just after I had my second child. Probably a bad movie, I can't remember, but a precious time I fondly remember.

Distributorcap said...

i love blondie