Sunday, October 18, 2009

Interzone Halloween Barbie Costume Contest!

I've forgotten to get this up, and there's just more than a week left, with no entries yet. Ten days should be enough to put something together...
It's time for
Interzone's annual
Halloween Barbie doll costume contest

Check out our display of previous contest entries by customers and staff. Doesn't it look like fun? It is.

Dress your Barbie, Ken or similar doll in a creative costume that you designed using your own little hands and brain. Multiple entries are allowed if you're a creative genius or just a dork with nothing better to do. You don't have to say which one you are (but we'll know).

Customers and staff will vote for their favorite. Submit your entry by Tues. Oct. 27. (Late entries will be accepted, but voting will have begun)

Results will be announced on Halloween at 7 PM. Winners do not need to be present at the time to claim their prizes. We're sure you'll be doing something much more fun at 7 PM on a Saturday Halloween.

3rd place: $10 Interzone gift certificate and travel mug.
2nd place: $20 Interzone gift certificate and tote bag
1st place: $30 Interzone gift certificate and t-shirt

Why are you still standing here? Go desecrate a Barbie! Go!

Here are some entries from previous years:Constitutional Amendment Barbie, above, (all the pictures and text will get much bigger if you roll the cursor over them and depress the left mouse button), and her description, below.

Miss VP USA Barbie.
Interzone Bill, friend of Interzone Barbie (I don't know if this is intended to imply anything about Interzone Iris.)
Contractor Ken
Protest Barbie.
At-Risk Barbie

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