Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well, You're Going to Have to Figure That Out For Yourself

I figure Beck is a Loon

Okay... the artwork Beck refers to was done in the 30's, at the height of the great depression. WWII hadn't even really started yet (though it was developing), and the cold war was 20 years away. The painting he refers to during the latter part was initially papered over, then ultimately destroyed because Nelson Rockefeller disliked the communist iconography. The illustration Beck is using is a recreation from photos that resides in Mexico. The symbolism Beck repeatedly invokes has been used widely in many cultures and economic systems. To argue that the Rockefeller was a communist would be like arguing that Hitler was a humanitarian... it's like rubbing pecans on your genitals: effing nuts. Many, many of my relatives had hammers and sickles. I own several hammers. None of us are communists.

Crap. There's no point in arguing with a madman. Neither of you will convince the other, and he enjoys it.

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Unknown said...

OMG. My soil science class used sickles to harvest wheat earlier this year. I did not know that OSU was a communist institution. I have been indoctrinated. My insane Republican father is right!! I am a tool of the USSR. I may as well kill myself now to make sure I don't bring the downfall of our dear capitalist US of A.