Saturday, September 5, 2009


We Belong- Pat Benetar, who showed us children of the Seventies that women could be tough and feminine at the same time they rocked you to pieces. This is gentler and sweeter than much of her music, but it's one of my favorites.

Original (unembeddable) MTV video here.

Smoking Gun- Robert Cray, who hailed from Portland. My Portlandian roommate from 81-85 was several years older than me, and unlike me, was very fond of the bar scene and live music. As soon as Cray's first album came out, he had it.

Save It For Later- English Beat didn't produce a whole lot of music, but I was very fond of what they did create. I think a couple of them formed the group that had the giant hit, "She Drives Me Crazy." But that's for another Saturday

So today we have Saturd80s, Caturday, and Vladurday. Are we done with gratuitous puns for the time being? Yes, my oh-so-patient friends, yes, we are.

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