Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Full Circle Continues to Say That Radiation Is Not Arthritis

I'm still having way too much fun with Translation Party. Pasting in the last paragraph of my previous post, Iteration 1:
My attention, however, such as photos and stories were the lead. Do you have an idea what we're looking for any type of geology? I guess that was it and flow of lava tubes, these radial columnar joints, the bottom is recommended on at least a summary of the round. Are hidden in the midline of the structure of plants and a little moss rock, and I, whether the image is a full circle continues to say that radiation is not arthritis. Whatever it is, like me.
Iteration 2:
I am interested in, and led the pictures and articles. Geology of you guys is what you are looking for ideas of all kinds available? I have these radial columnar joints, is recommended at the bottom, summary of the current round of speculation that it was a lava tube, at least. In the midline of the structure of plants, moss rock a little, and I have been hidden, whether in arthritis has been a full circle radiation image has continued to say no. That is what I like.
Then it gave up.

Ahh, but I just figured out when it gives up, I can copy the last result and start over. After 3 more iterations, I'm apparently looking at a visit to the emergency room:
Led to my interest in stories and photos. I am looking for all kinds of ideas do you have all geologists? I recommend the radial columnar joints in lava tubes These are summarized in the current round of speculation that is down, at least. Midline of the structure of plants is a bit hidden, rock moss, in rheumatoid arthritis and is a full circle whether radiographic imaging continues to say no. I like that.
Many iterations later:
Led to my interest articles and photos. Why, why do all geologists have all kinds of ideas for me? I, we, the current round, the radial columnar joints, we at least recommend the boiling point of these lava tubes. Whether the midline of the bit structure of plants, rock moss, rheumatoid arthritis Imejinguno full circle X-ray has been hidden. I like that.

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