Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ridicule is the Strongest Form of Protest

(Inspired by)
And this was just a drive-by lulzing that occurred to me as I was looking through pictures trying to find one like the first. And yes, looking through hundreds of pictures of Glenn Beck was every bit as awful as it sounds.

Followup: Almost flew by this without noticing. When I post something, Google takes the opportunity to throw some ads at me; I generally don't even register what they're about. In this case, I had already clicked through to "View Blog" before my mind said, "Waitaminnit! Back up!" Here are the ads that were on the "Posted" page:Now I don't care to speculate on why GoogleAds associated Glenn Beck with Jock Itch Pictures and Farm Animal Pictures, but it seems quite appropriate. I think "Advanced Syphilitic Dementia Pictures" would be better than "Tattooed Desktop," though.

Followup 2: I've been slapping together more of these; I now have nearly 30. You're at set 1. Set 2. Set 3. Set 4. Set 5.


Tengrain said...

You may have invented the next great thing: Lol Becks.

Your captions are perfect too!



Connecticut Man1 said...

Might be worth doing an ongoing series? The material available has got to be limitless.

Buffy said...

Maybe GoogleAds knows more than we care to....

libhom said...

I love the idea of LOL Becks.

sjelly said...

I lol-ed. No, really. These are great. If you can stomach slogging through more pictures of Glen Bleecch, please make more. Mock, Paper, Scissors sent me.