Friday, September 4, 2009

Mad as Hell Doctors!

Aren't going to take it any more!
There's no nice way to say it. The financial cost of health care is killing our citizens, hobbling our economy, crushing small business, and threatening the solvency of our government. In the meantime, the Health Care Industry is spending almost two million dollars a day lobbying Congress and manipulating public opinion to accept “reform” legislation that leaves a vicious, for-profit system intact. The "public option" is a trap. We need real reform that finds immediate savings, controls costs, and accomplishes the moral imperative of true Universal Access. A Single Payer plan is the only real path to a Health Care System that is socially, ethically and fiscally responsible. And yet, our elected officials refuse to even discuss the possibility of a Single Payer plan!

If that doesn't make you mad, we recommend checking your pulse.
I think this is a Quixotic effort, but I'd donate if I could. The doctors and patients are the ones who should be at the forefront of media coverage, not the frontal lobotomies of pundits and right-wing legislators.

Elijah pointed this out to me. I sort of promised myself earlier, no more health rants today. Yeah, I lie to myself, just like everyone else.

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libhom said...

I think it takes creative efforts to get corporate media attention on progressive points of view. I admire what they are doing.