Friday, August 14, 2009

How Could I Have Been So Wrong?

OMG! Investors Business Daily was right all along! Stephen Hawking would have died if he hadn't exchanged free room and board for his student caretaker! The NHS just left him to die! He wasn't getting any medical care at all! Proof! All you stupid libs are so pwned!! 1! 11!
Emphasis added for emphatic emphasis.

NHS? En Aitch Ess? Did you read National Health Service there? No?? Amazing!! I didn’t either!

What I read was a grateful description of private expenditures (barter, private nurses, foundation grants, gifts). And thank God they were there in Dr. Hawking’s time of need.

Does that set the record straight?
Golly! Guess I have to vote 'pubblekin now. You know, I'll bet there's even other paragraphs that don't mention "En Aitch Ess." And I know the insurance corporations are so terribly generous in covering in-home care and experimental technologies and procedures.

There was a geology prof here at OSU who, as a polio survivor, made similar arrangements with grad students. The main difference was that he died young.

If smug were a commodity, this douche would be its baron.

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