Thursday, August 13, 2009

Free Market

As an intergalactically read, recognized, and praised blogger, I often receive inside tips from highly placed individuals who would like to get their message out to the broader public without worrying how that message will be spun by the liberal media.

Recently, the US's health Fuehrer Czar contacted me to let me know there was no truth whatsoever in Sarah Palin's "Death Panel" allegations. The US government may pay for consulting regarding end of life decisions, but the primary decision would be made by the patient and the fee free market. Since the free market is incapable of making harmful or unwise decisions, the US intends to outsource the decision-making responsibilities to call center sweat shops staffed by underpaid children in China and India. This will keep costs low and profits high- always the optimal condition. So the path of consultation and treatment will look like this:

Patient-> Doctor-> Consulting Firm-> Youth in Asia

With the costs of the latter three covered at least in part by the US Health Ministry.

(inspired by "Yellow Peril," over at Dr. Monkey's place, with accompanying photo)

Followup: Here's a home-based alternative.

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