Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Other News, Part II

To finish up my first year retrospective (part one is here)...

My report on Sea Lion Caves still gets a fair number of hits. Most of my traffic, three quarters or so, comes from Google Image searches; this post seems to get picked up by text searches. My mom gave me a digital camera for Christmas, and one of the earliest photos from it is still one of my favorites.

In January, I started several "regular" post topics: Monday Minerals, Wednesday Words, and Friday Fragments. I actually have pictures ready to go for the Mondy and Friday topics, but I just haven't had the gumption to "make it so." I hope to get back to those. I really need to get out to the field. I'm tired of talking about rocks in my own private zoo, and I want to look at some in the wild. I also started Interzone People posts, which I always figured was going to be an irregular feature, contingent on whether I had the camera with me, time and interest. Today, looking over my site meter stats, I found one of the funniest, and somewhat creepy, searches that has ever led to my blog:The last line shows the search phrase... but note the searcher is from Gadsden, Tennessee. I'm going to have to think carefully about posting pictures of female friends here at my favorite coffee shop.

I this February post is one of the funniest things I've ever written.

In March, I posted this somewhat snarky, but ultimately very heartfelt piece regarding my attitude towards conservatives. I can't think of a piece I've received more positive feedback on- though the general gist is one I hit on about once a month: Democrats need rational, thoughtful opposition, but Republicanism in it's current form is neither. Just as scientists need to have their claims and data thoroughly vetted and challenged, so do politicians. But until Republicans choose to acknowledge reality, they are dangerous, and everyone suffers. I also found that I could get some giggles (for myself at least) from a single sentence.

April did not find me particularly inspired with respect to blogging. But I was happy with this piece. Note that really it's on the same topic, with the same worries and conlcusions as the one that I highlighted in the paragraph above.

And I'll just round it off with one more geology piece... my first post this month was a very satisfying rant.

Again, my thanks to the visitors and commenters that keep me making the effort to share my thoughts and various amusements.


PennyExpressLane said...

Please inform Natalie that someone is looking for her in Tennessee...

Lockwood said...

PennyExpressLane- but that's the issue: she's not in Tennesee.