Saturday, May 16, 2009

Caturday: I Is A Spinks...

Wurship me, mortal!
Ozma has been quite affectionate lately. Now the porch door is open 24/7, she comes and goes at will. She's normally out when I wake up, and in if I get back much after dark. If I get back before dark, though, she scurries out of the brush or from under a car and bounds over to me, then leads me back to the apartment. It's amusingly dog-like... except dogs seem to have the sense to either lead at a reasonable distance or to one side. She wants to be about six inches directly in front of the foot that's planted, forcing me to swerve around like a drunk to avoid kicking her or stepping on her. And I wouldn't want to do that.

As an aside (I can't help myself), a chance misspelling led me to this conclusion a moment ago: you might think one of each letter would be enough. But to be without two h's though would be tough. (To make this one work as intended, you need to imagine a comma on either side of though. Another situation where without puctuation there's ambiguity; with it, tiny changes create completely different meanings. Ok, ok, it's weak, but it amuses me.)

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