Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Geo 1095: January 6, Day 736: Upper North Silver Falls Again

This (and the previous) shot is from Dana's and my visit to Silver Falls in March of 2012. Not only was it raining pretty hard during much of our visit, but there was snow on the ground, and enough ice that the trail down to Middle North Falls was deemed unsafe and closed. That was disappointing, but the high water flows made the falls we could visit quite spectacular.

Another selling point for this particular waterfall is that it's one of the least physically demanding to get at. The path is mostly level, though rugged in places, and there's very little net elevation change from the parking area to the base of the falls. It's a bit less than a half mile one way.

Photo unmodified. March 10, 2012. FlashEarth Location (approximate).

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