Sunday, September 23, 2012

Willamette Valley Geology Online Resources

Last Saturday I presented for a workshop on Willamette Valley Geology for the Oregon Master Naturalist Program (henceforth OMN), an outreach program by Oregon State University. I'm now switched over to my new (to me) rebuilt computer, and while I'm not very accustomed to it yet, browsing and reading is definitely going faster than on my old machine, and it looks like I'll have more time to blog.

One of the components I was requested to submit was a list of online resources, and there's no doubt in my mind that first among those are posts by our wealth of PNW geobloggers, so that makes up the bulk of this list. Note this is not organized by topic, but primarily by blog and the order in which I found them.

In other notes, I'm initiating a label for OMN, to indicate topics that may be of interest to that group- I'll be primarily focused on earth sciences, but will likely include broader science topics dealing with Oregon's fabulous natural history.

Uncovered Earth (Michael Klaas, Portland, Oregon)

En Tquila Es Verdad (Dana Hunter, Seattle area)

Got The Time (Aaron Barth, recently moved to Eugene, Oregon, just moved from VA)

Outside The Inerzone (Lockwood DeWitt, Corvallis, Oregon)

Fluvial (stream) Geomorphology (landforms)

New things- posted or found since the above were submitted in August:


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