Monday, September 24, 2012


For reasons not entirely clear to me, Interzone got a piano yesterday. My (vague) understanding is that someone is simply storing it here for a few months, and someone else is kinda maybe thinking about using it for a performance series this fall. Whatever, we'll see. But a young woman just came in, sat down, and played some very nice bits of music. When she finished up, I asked her what it was, as it had sounded a little familiar. She replied she'd just been making it up as she went along... a fact I find very impressive. She sounded like she'd played it before, needed a bit more practice, but was playing a well-known piece. The idea of composing it as she went along is difficult for me to grasp.

At any rate, in one of those recollective belches that happen to me frequently, I was able to come up with the album of which her music reminded me. I commented to her that while much of the "New Age Music" of the 80's-90's could get very trite and cliche, some of it (especially, in my experience and opinion, from Windham Hill) was really quite lovely. Here are a couple selections from George Winston's album "Autumn."

(Not sure which pieces are included in this; it's at least three tracks from "Autumn." That minor sound is what reminded me of the young woman's ad-libbing, but the original post is in Japanese.)
This morning was the first this fall cool enough to prompt me to wear a jacket. The foliage is only just beginning to change, and it won't really feel like autumn until we get some real rain (still none in predictions), but these piano solos feel right for today... cool and crisp.

Followup: Yes, it looks like there is a music series planned for this fall and winter.
 The hard surfaces in this space make it painful for me to listen to music- especially amplified music- for any length of time, so expect no reviews here.

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