Friday, September 24, 2010


Alrighty, then.  Dana has posted a couple of teasers- pretty pictures without a whole lot of discussion.  I have finally managed to at least download my pictures from my camera to my computer, so here's my first.  This is Parker Creek on Marys Peak. This is not where it crosses the main, paved summit road, and where sadly, I didn't think to shoot any photos- I was too busy beating on Marys Peak sill, so you'll have to make due with desk-crop photos and whatever Dana shot.  Rather, this is about a half mile down hill from that crossing, where the gravel road to Harlan crosses the stream.  When I take groups up here, this is my preferred spot for lunch.

The bedrock here is ledge-forming Flournoy formation turbidites, but most of the boulders are the more resistant Marys Peak Sill.  Though there are some lithic features of importance, this spot is mainly about pretty riffles and biology.

I think what I'll try to do for Mary's Peak is put together a post for each stop in stratigraphic (as best as I can tell) order- and what I mean by that parenthetical is that within the seafloor basalt (Siletz River Volcanics), there's not really any good way to tell what's stratigraphically higher or lower other than elevation.  And there are enough faults through the area that I don't consider that especially dependable.

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