Friday, September 24, 2010

God Frikken' Dammit, Google!

How 'bout you just leave freaking well-enough alone?  I was just fine with the status quo, and I didn't need you to go and dick around with things to accomplish... what?  Super. Now we have an improved preview.  Did you need to screw around with everything else to accomplish that?  And you apparently have decided to play the "Let's rotate the photo on uploads" game again.
Thanks, Google. I love the way you make things easier.

In other news, I've finally caught up with the backlog of stuff in my RSS. If I can figure out how to upload pictures that AREN'T ROTATED 90 DEGREES, I can start posting on my recent geogalavanting.



Ron Schott said...

If you don't like how Google's running Blogger, try Wordpress rather than trashing Google. On a day that Google handed out $10 million dollars to a couple of very deserving projects and considering that you're getting a lot of services from Google for free (well, ad supported), it strikes me as disingenuous at best, and frankly really whiny to be trashing a whole company for inconveniences brought about by one team's effort (misguided, though it may be) to improve a free service.

Lockwood said...

Fair enough. But to say Google is free when their business is putting ads on anything that moves across the net (Buy More Stuff!!!) is also disingenuous. Where did that $10 million come from. And its not just "one team." Not only have they reformatted the compose mode in blogger, something happened to Gmail that I'm still trying to figure out, and apparently comments are getting randomly stashed on a page I don't even know how to get to, except accidentally.

Sorry if that comes across as whiney.

Ron Schott said...

I hadn't seen the Gmail issues when I posted the comment above, so you're absolutely right that it's more than one team. And I don't fault you for being upset that things aren't working properly - you should be upset by that - but I think the appropriate response is to switch to a better service or complain on their product forums, rather than the way you handled it.

I really do like almost everything you do here, Lockwood, but this particular post just really gets under my skin. I'm commenting here because I hope you value my opinion as one of your longtime readers as much as I value yours. If not, feel free to ignore or delete my comments, which is certainly your right. I'll leave it at that.

Lockwood said...

I understand your reaction, and appreciate your taking the time to comment. And I agree, this was, overall, a poor reaction. However (unlike many "news" services), I won't take down stuff I post that, in retrospect, I feel was badly judged. That's not to say I stand behind every thing I've ever posted, but I'm not going to hide things I have said, however hot-headed I may have been. I have the same policy for comments that aren't clearly trolling. Your first comment is certainly not that.

I appreciate your thoughts, and drawing my attention to the fact that this is overreaction to the situation. Even as I was writing it, I was thinking "they'll get it straightened out sooner or later.