Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out Again Today

With a bunch of last minute juggling, Dana & companion arrived yesterday a bit after noon, and we headed up Mary's Peak- photos and discussion to follow, though you'll need to check Dana's blog- I think she took many more pics than I. Short story: Sea-floor basalt, sediment derived from and deposited on Hawaiian-type island, then deep-sea, continentally-derived turbidites. Intruded by 1000 feet of bizarre Oligocene diabase with compositional zoning, then cut by later faulting of somewhat nebulous nature. It's a very tasty concoction.

So after a quick date with coffee at IZ this morning, we're off to the coast today. At least part of tomorrow will be dedicated to getting caught up (with RSS feeds), but I'm thinking I've got some fun stuff in the pipe for later in the week.

(Hey, Dana here - no wi-fi on my machine, but when I get home, you can look forward to plenty of photos. ZOMG amazing geology!)

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