Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Talk Like A Pirate Edition

Luke Surl
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Sober in a Nightclub
Abstruse Goose
Photo Collection: Star Wars Art Remix
see more Historic LOL Also, a number of other historical Star Wars pics here.
The Daily What
Decisions, decisions: sex, church or waffles? Gotta go with waffles. Alphaville
The High Definite
Hipster Hitler
Awww, so cute! Ewww, so gross! Aw, so cute... Bits and Pieces
Bits and Pieces
Cyanide and Happiness
funny puns - Fine Chinese in the Federation
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Now Stop Saying They Don't Have A Plan
"Now stop saying they don't have a plan." see more Political Pictures
Epic Ponyz
Via The High Definite, a very fun gallery of photos at a shop for time travelers- here's my favorite:
funny pictures of cats with captions
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Bits and Pieces
The Daily What Abstinence-education-only proponents are confused...
The enemy's use of Slapstick devices such as hidden banana peels was the hardest part of the War with the Clowns.
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Asian Pirates (ARR, Maties!) go for the whole kit and kaboodle... Great White Snark
PhD Comics
Fake Science
Sofa Pizza
If your boss asks you if you have a sec, don't say that you have "a lot of secs."
Learn From My FailPundit Kitchen
Sofa Pizza
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Abstruse Goose
Medium Large
Senor Gif
Darius Whiteplume's Tumblr
Darius Whiteplume's Tumblr
Married to the Sea, via Blackadder
job lols - Water Change Required
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The stuff of nightmares, from Regretsy
demotivational posters - SUDDENLY
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Mike Luckovich, via The Intersection
demotivational posters - ATTENTION PASSENGERS
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Hacked IRL
Bits and Pieces
Sofa Pizza
I have never before seem a campaign button that made me wish I lived in Delaware, so that it would make sense for me to wear it. The Daily What
"Rage in Motion," from EpicPonyz
Hacked IRL
Bits and Pieces
Criggo Some people never learn...Cyanide and Happiness


Unknown said...

I didn't realize hipsters liked PBR so much.

jin said...

Luv them all but my FAVE was the
"Rock Paper Scissors"

Silver Fox said...


Lockwood said...

Rawley- I just picked up on the hipster-PBR connection a few months ago, myself.

Jin- I love how emphatic the guy seems. Think my fave is the "stick a cork in it" story.

Silver- Piccard always ends hos orders with "make it so." General Tso's chicken is a typical dish in American Chinese restaurants, and most Americans pronounce it "so," though I understand "sow" is closer to the correct pronunciation.

Lockwood said...

"his orders," not "hos orders."

splord said...

Excellent, with two great Picardians!!

Unknown said...

Not 1 but 2 Star Trek jokes. Gonna be a good week.