Friday, December 18, 2009

We've Agreed to Agree About Something Sometime

And that's "meaningful."

I suppose it's better than simply disagreeing.

We're talking about climate. You know what agriculture is completely dependent on? Having a pretty good working knowledge of what the climate is going to be. Yes, there will be crop failures regionally from time to time as the weather varies, but in aggregate, we have been able to count on plentiful food production because we have learned what the climates are from place to place. If we don't know what the climate is going to be like (and we don't), we can't grow food. It really is that simple.

I suppose when we start having perennial and widespread crop failures, and even the US starts to look like Biafra, the conservatives can take comfort in the fact that this really is all a big hoax to make the whole world over in a Marxist-Leninist revolution.

Merry Christmas, assholes.

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Distributorcap said...

yep ---- one giant dustbowl and we can all be heading to californy for some grapes of wrath

the inhofes of the world never cease to amaze me with their idiocy